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Keto advanced any kale right now because I recently made kale chips and ate all the kale so that's going but I almost just like grilled cauliflower it's delicious and then other than that I would use asparagus as well not very often compared to the others but then I would also use a zucchini which we're out of right now as well because we eat a lot of zucchini just to do like grilled veggies on the side of whatever your main meal is okay so other than that we have vegenaise this is an amazing brand it's by earth island and it's just the original vegenaise I think you can get this in flavors as well there might be a garlic one I'm not totally sure but this is like a source of omega-3s which again is great if you are vegan and keto and it has no carbs


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a lot this is really really fatty good for baking

a lot this is really really fatty good for baking it's good for making like puddings mooses you need to yes which is good because they're cheap so yeah that is nuts and seeds other than that I'll be buying like macadamia nuts Brazil nuts walnuts…

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