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point in the direction of time Let's say since we're embedded in 3d space But in simplest terms since we need that fourth value of time to specify an event. We consider to be the fourth dimension Now we used to think space and time were totally independent, but then Einstein came along and found that's not the case They were in fact linked together and the mathematical model that fuses these two things became known as space-time What Einstein's general theory of relativity says is that massive objects curved space-time? This means that distances between points and also times between events are warped around massive objects and this ha Benefits of oat milk s strange consequences like time ticking differently on different planets and massless photons being bent by massive objects because of that curvature The equations that describe all this can definitely look intimidating But really what you see is on one side of this equation is math regarding the geometry or curvature of space-time And     

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