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 Derma Vi It is far too common for people to think of skin as just an outer shell. In fact, your skin is the largest organ in your body. The health of your skin plays a major role in your general health. By taking good care of yourself, you can cut down on those trips to the doctor and have good healthy skin Derma Vi A skin care regime is only effective if performed consistently. Frequent use will give your favorite skin care products time to achieve the desired effect. If you have trouble remembering to use your skin care products, put them in an area where you will notice them on a daily basis. If you want to use products before bed, store them on your bedside table. Derma Vi Treat your skin right to give it that soft feel. Begin with an exfoliating sugar scrub, which should be left on the skin for about five minutes. Then, rinse them and moisturize them. Rub this in until it absorbs; after that you can push the cuticles back and file your nails.Derma Vi Olive oil is a skin care treatment with a long history. It has been in use for many centuries, all the way back to Cleopatra. We all know that olive oil is great in the kitchen but it doesn't stop there. Olive oil enables you to have a radiant complexion, it improves the skin's elasticity and it aids in healing brittle nails. Olive oil can also be a great hair conditioner which adds moisture and shine to your hair. 

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