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about my experience doing vegan keto for my first week I am of course gonna be continuing it but basically to give you guys like the Cliff's Notes version of why I chose to try Kido I have PCOS which essentially and so I decided to try keto and before I get a whole bunch of people commenting down below and keto is like hell it's terrible for you whatever whatever I am vegan for ethical reasons I will never not be vegan I I mean the odd time I accidentally eat dairy but like 99.9 percent of the time I'm so incredibly careful with what I eat and I am incredible ly careful English is Trim Fast Keto hard I'm incredibly careful with what I purchased just because I like to live the most ethical lifestyle possible so when you think of keto you think standard American diet you think bacon and eggs and avocado pretty much and like salmon lots of omega-3s and all those healthy things however I have not do


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