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whole flax seeds I like one they're already like ground down because then I can use this like directly in cooking I can put this in a mix with like chia seeds and have em seeds and make a chia pudding so I just find that this is the better product to purchase however if you guys want to like grind your own black seeds feel free to get pull ones but this is just my favorite brand I get this um Costco it's really affordable and this bag like will literally last me like six to nine months because there's so much in here that's a very similar product is chia seeds for those who are skeptical about c DXN Code Strike hia pudding hemp seeds flax seeds all of that like the good thing about this is that you can mix it into baking and it adds more fat and adds more protein adds a little bit of crunch if you don't cook them too much it can also act just like a thickener and an egg replacement flax is really good for that as well so the


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