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My daughter was only two and later diagnosed with ADHD when my Dad let her get into the sugar bowl the day we were flying home from vacation. She became exceptionally hyperactive and was very hard to control in the airport.  The Acceptability Of Credentials Earned Online For Obtaining Employment In The Health Care Professions dig this.

She wanted to run and kept wriggling out of my arms and believe me I was holding her tight and running away at top speed. It was a nightmare of a day for both of us. She was very sensitive to the effects of sugar on her system. 

Studies do show that sugar can lead to decreased attention. Wender and Solanto looked for, but did not find a relationship between sugar and aggression. Instead they found that inattention, as measured by a continuous performance task, increased only in the ADHD group following sugar ingestion. 

According to this study, sugar ingestion as part of a high carbohydrate meal will make inattentiveness worse in some children with ADHD, more so than for a child without ADHD. Girardi and his team at Yale found that sugar ingestion triggered metabolic abnormalities in ADHD children.  Coronavirus economic recovery: To-go cocktails proving to be a lifeline for restaurants discover here.
Other studies show children with and without ADHD who don't eat breakfast don't perform as well in school. Besides the possible effect on attentiveness, sugar contributes to childhood obesity that is now epidemic in the US. It also contributes to poor cardiovascular health, diabetes, and as any parent knows, sugar can result in mood swings, meltdowns, and tantrums.


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