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straight-forward approach? But, if you are still alone, is that Unlock Her Legs approach really working? If the word 'play' makes you uncomfortable, forget playing and just be hard to get.Start by valuing yourself. What is your true worth? Are you a good person, who is intelligent,kind, funny, intellectual, shy, outgoing or hard-working? Or a combination of these. You're a woman who deserves a good man, a man who will love you and want to spend his life with you.You are, in essence, the prize. And a prize worth having is a prize worth fighting for. The term 'playing hard to get' has put an unfortunate stigma on what is actually taking your time to determine whether he is good enough for you or not. Just look at any variety of animal and you'll see the same behavior in the females when it comes to being courted by a male. They make him prove he's worth their time.So why would you want to throw in the towel and just assume he's good enough before he's even proven himself.


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