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 Having great posture probably won't increase the Nerve Align Review  amount of money you earn online or from your regular job. So why is posture so important. If you have frequent back pain or headaches or even body aches, they may well be caused by your poor posture. Loss of productivity whether you work for yourself or someone else is very costly.

You won't fire yourself or refuse to give yourself a raise as may happen in a job but when your productivity goes down so do your profits. Your posture affects more than you are probably aware of. Poor posture negatively affects our muscles, tissues and joints often causing constant and possibly severe pain. These pains may come in the form of headaches, backaches, or even general body pain. Personally, my sister who just happens to be built just like me has had to have back surgery. The biggest reason found was that she spent her entire career sitting probably incorrectly at a desk working on a computer.


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