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Religious priests of all stripes have inculcated a  Thought Manifestation Review feeling of wrongness about sex into the minds of the people they administer to. It is, in fact, a very clever thing to do - humans are sexual by nature, so sexuality will always manifest itself in their lives. This is necessarily true of other moral weaknesses such as greed or lack of humility. Sexuality is always present in human beings, so priests call it 'lust' and condemn it. Tantra teaches us that our sexuality exists as our natural state, and that there is nothing 'wrong' or 'sinful' about it. It teaches us that we must recognize it as a divine gift - a gift with which we can express ourselves fully to our beloved. Once you recognize and accept this fact, almost every fear that the priests of the world have forced upon you fall away. Sigmund Freud was right in stating that our sexuality is expressed in almost everything we do, and that its suppression leads to mental disorders. Ancient tantra is a path towards freedom from the oppression of religious regulation of your sexuality. While the tantric path has always been available to those who seek this freedom, the religions of the world have consistently condemned it as 'evil'. Nothing that does not conform to the idols they advertise is condemned as 'heathen'.


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